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Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been around since the 1960s and continues to be used in a wide range of modern surgeries. Scientific research has shown that at lower dosages, ketamine therapy is an effective treatment option to heal a myriad of pain and mood disorders quickly and effectively—with few known side effects. This offers a major advantage over opioid pain management treatments and traditional, slow-acting psyche drugs that are sometimes ineffective.
Please consult with your prescriber prior to stopping or changing any prescription medications.

How Many Infusions Will I Need To Have?

To optimize the effectiveness of ketamine therapy, an initial loading series of six sessions for mood disorder clients. These six loading sessions are grouped close together to encourage maximum development of new brain connections. Many clients begin to report positive effects in as little as one dose.

 Mood disorder sessions last approximately 60-90 minutes (depending on client recovery time following the infusion). Upon completing the initial loading series, your medical professional will tailor additional maintenance/booster doses to your specific needs.

What To Expect During The Process:

Before Your Infusion – Prior to beginning ketamine infusions, please call us for a free telephone consultation. We will request medical records from your primary care provider for review and our medical staff will follow up with any additional questions. For your convenience, we can also coordinate care with your primary care physician directly.

 If you are not currently under the care of a mental health professional, we’d be happy to  make a psychotherapist from our staff available for an evaluation.

The Day of Infusion  Clients are not to eat anything for six hours prior to their infusions, or to drink anything two hours prior.  We request that clients arrive approximately 15 minutes before their ketamine infusion. Upon arrival, you will be escorted to a comfortable private room to relax. We encourage you to bring a soft blanket from home, as well as headphones to take advantage of our customized therapeutic streaming playlists.

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Your Journey

To begin your therapy, a small IV will be placed in your arm and the infusion will be administered. Our medical staff will monitor your vital signs throughout the treatment and assist with anything that you may need.

Clients describe the ketamine infusion experience as pleasant and “floaty.” Dissociation and not feeling wholly “connected” to your body is not only normal, but an essential component to the healing process. The experience itself lasts approximately 40 minutes for mood disorder clients and approximately 4 hours for treatment for chronic pain.

Following a session, clients are monitored up to 30 minutes before heading home. Clients are to be driven to AND from the office for the ketamine therapy session by a designated driver.

Post Infusion – Some clients report mild disorientation and fatigue. For most people, these effects subside quickly, however, it is recommended that clients not attempt to go to work following their treatments. Instead, we suggest clients use the remainder of the day to rest and reflect.

Pricing & Treatment Information

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Our goal is to make this revolutionary treatment accessible to those who want to find a better way forward! For this reason, Advanced Care is offering financing options to help get the treatment you need.

HAS FSA Accounts and Ketamine infusions are not currently covered by many insurance plans. However, you may use a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA) to pay for the cost of your treatment plan.

Advanced Care Card

The Advanced Care Card offers our clients up to a 14-month, 0% interest financing option.

Benefits of using Advance Care:

  • Process is simple and offers quick decisions
  • Schedule your medical procedure as soon as you are approved
  • Co-signers may be used to increase chances of approval
  • 6 or 14 months interest free financing and competitive interest rates
  • No punitive late fees
  • No prepayment penalties

To apply for the 0% interest financing option, go to https://advancecarecard.com