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Psychiatric Medication Management

Frustrated with waitlists? Tired of the trial-and-error period when starting new medications?
We can see you virtually or in our office ASAP for solutions!

An estimated one in five people Americans currently take mental health medications to help them on their wellness journey. Finding a prescriber that you feel comfortable with and who takes the time to listen can be a very overwhelming task, particularly when symptoms like anxiety and depression are high. We understand and our prescribers are here to help you begin to feel better quickly.

We offer each client a chance to have genetic testing done to scientifically determine which medications will work best for their body (Genetic Testing). Our prescribers take this information and work with you to tailor a psyche med regiment that will work with little to no trial-and-error period. We can also connect you with one of our psychotherapists who will work with your prescriber to ensure full continuity of care.

Our medication management services, psyche med genetic testing and psychotherapy services can each be accessed as a stand-alone resource or combined to provide a one-stop place for all of your mental health wellness needs.

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Psych Med Management
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