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Psyche Meds/Genetic Testing

An estimated 40 million Americans (approximately 1 in 6) take psychiatric medications for a wide range of mental health needs. Attempting to get these meds “dialed-in” with the correct prescription and dosage is can be an arduous process that can take 6-8 months to figure out. Kismet Ketamine and Wellness Infusions offers a way to short-cut this process and quickly figure out which psyche meds will work best for you.


Kismet medical staff will conduct a pharmacogenomic test via simple cheek swab, and analyze how genetic variations in your DNA affect medication outcomes. Based off the results, we’ll advise your prescriber about which psyche medications will work best for your specific DNA sequence.


The results come to both you and your prescriber and are broken down into an easy-to-read table:
Green – meds listed are indicated for your DNA sequence.
Yellow – meds with some efficacy (to be discussed in more depth with your prescriber).
Red – Medications that would be contraindicated for your body type.


Take the frustration and time out of your psyche med management. Contact Kismet & Ketamine Wellness Infusions to schedule your genetic testing in Frederick, Maryland.

Pricing & Treatment Information

Genetic Testing

office visit and test administration is $100. The test itself is billed through your insurance company, with some plans covering 100% of the cost.
The amount covered by insurance will vary by plan.